Here are some questions that our student couples often ask before joining our classes.

Maybe you’ll find them helpful too.

We never danced before.

Will we struggle?

Most of our student couples had never danced before joining Couple’s Fun. Yet, we see them experiencing that “First Date Feeling” with all the ‘butterflies’ and sparks flying around every single class.

This is because we designed our courses to make sure each couple feels relaxed throughout each class.

We start each First Steps Couple’s Fun course from scratch, assuming that you don’t know anything about dancing. Therefore, when you come to your first class, you get a little information at a time, just enough for both of you to feel confident and inspired while staying in your comfort zone and at the same time feeling excited when witnessing your own progress.

The best part is that regardless of what happened during the day, our couples always leave their evening class feeling refreshed, genuinely happy and enthusiastic.

Why Couple`s Fun, not other dance studios?

The main difference between our Couple’s Fun classes and other studios that offer partner dances for adults is that their focus is individual students, whereas the core of Couple’s Fun classes is taking care of you as a Couple. I teach Couple`s Fun with special delicacy, and pursue different goals.

You two have done an amazing job building your world, your relationships, and you’ve come here trusting that Couple’s Fun classes will add to it. When I teach I aim to be harmonious to your family to highlight your connection, unity and passion in the warmest and most joyful environment.

Dancing is not really my partner`s thing.

Will we still enjoy the classes?

One of the fascinating discoveries we’ve made in teaching Couple’s Fun classes is that when one partner is initially sceptical, witnessing their loved one flourish while dancing together from the very first class can be eye-opening. As they observe the pleasure their partner experiences, they start to relax and enjoy the class themselves.

This dynamic often leads to a deeper connection and a shared sense of joy between partners.

What happens if we have to miss some classes?

We know you have a busy life.

That is why we created a system that would allow our student couples not to stress if they miss some classes, or even months of classes.

Missed one class? It is never an issue as we always review what we’ve learned in the previous class and then introduce new material.

Missing several classes in a row.

The first level, ‘First Steps,’ is foundational and includes Three Basic Moves crucial for the next level. If needed, couples can retake the ‘First Steps’.

Next levels consist of several short courses focusing on specific moves, and these courses repeat in a cycle. Therefore, if you miss a course, you can easily catch up later.