Irina Yatskova

Irina has been teaching a variety of dances for more that 15 years. She learnt to dance and to teach dancing from a wide variety of world renowned dance instructors and in the best dance schools of Russia (among them is one of the largest dance schools in Moscow – WSDance (Мир Танца), where Irina used to teach, and by far the biggest Brazilian Zouk school in Moscow – BRAZUKA . She effectively applies that experience and those efficient dance teaching methods in her dance classes.

             During her dance career she danced a number of various dances, such as: hustle, salsa, bachata, reggaeton, merenge, Argentine tango, cha-cha-cha and many other dance styles . She also ran dance classes of hustle, salsa, bachata, merenge, reggaeton and latino mix (lady style).

             Brazilian Zouk became her main passion after she discovered it in 2007. She learnt from the best of the best world renowned zouk professors, such as: Leandro D`Oliveira Wakko (Best Dance Teacher and the owner of BRAZUKA – Best Dance School according `Russian Zouk Awards 2014`), Marcelo Bal, Freddy Marinho and Andressa Castelhano. Irina has been constantly improving her skills as a Brazilian zouk dancer and teacher by attending numerous international European and Brazilian congresses, taking classes, workshops, private lessons and dance courses with such internationally acclaimed Brazilian zouk teachers as Gilson Damasco, Leandro D`Oliveira Wakko, Adilio Porto, Renata Pesanha, Jorge Peres, Solange Dias, Joseph Koniak, Natasha Terekhina, Braz Dos Santos, Tomer Schwartz, Kamacho, Sofie Toris and Luciano Gomes, Jefferson Dadinho, Carlos de Silva, Fernanda da Silva, Val Clemente and Thayna, Pasty, Mafie Zouker, Bruno Galhardo and Eglantine, along with many other of the world`s best Brazilian zouk instructors. Irina dances many popular zouk styles such as Lamba zouk, Traditional zouk (Rio style), R&B zouk, Neo zouk etc. 

Our dance instructor Irina Iri with the best of the best Brazilian Zouk creators and professors.

Zouk Celebrities

         The core of Brazilian Zouk classes with Irina Iri at Yatskova Dance Studio is:

1) Creating friendly atmosphere and having fun. Our dance school is also known for having great music on our lessons.

2) Accent on developing  leading and following skills (teaching leavers, developing good dance frame, improving body control, etc)

3) Teaching a wide variety of elements that allows both to play up any music and to feel comfortable dancing with Zouk dancers of any zouk styles on any zouk parties around the globe.

        Also, Irina is a former level 0 and level 1 rhythmic gymnastics coach at Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics.

        Even though she enjoyed very much working with kids and watching their progress, she retired in 2016 to concentrate more on developing her own dance school `YOUR SELF Dance School` in Adelaide (renamed from April 2018 to Yatskova Dance Studio).  

     15078839_598977020303431_8841058084254248216_n Aelita gymnastic 12 11 2016 upgrade     

          Now Irina Iri is spreading social dancing and sharing her passion and experience with her students in Adelaide by teaching in Yatskova Dance Studio.

Josef Thomas

             Meet Josef Thomas, your personal dance assistant for Brazilian Zouk!

             Josef fell in love with the smooth and sensual rhythms of Brazilian Zouk in 2015 and has been dedicated to mastering this dance style ever since.

             With his extensive knowledge and experience in Brazilian Zouk, Josef is here to help you take your dance skills to the next level. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, Josef can tailor his teaching to suit your individual needs.

             As your dance assistant, Josef will guide you through the fundamental techniques of Brazilian Zouk, including body isolation, partner connection, and musicality. He’ll help you develop your own unique style and flair, while also building your confidence on the dance floor.

             Josef’s teaching style is supportive and encouraging, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for you to learn in. With his expert guidance and friendly demeanor, you’ll be sure to have a great time while improving your dance skills.

             Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from an experienced and passionate dancer like Josef. Sign up for our Brazilian Zouk classes today and start your dance journey with confidence!

Come join our Dance Studio in Adelaide to dance, meet new people and have lots of fun!