Brazilian Zouk dance classes in Adelaide


Casual drop in    $17

4 class pass          $60     (save $8)       valid 1 month from issue date

8 class pass          $115  (save $21)    valid 2 months from issue date

an 8 class pass may be used by two people.

Conditions of using dance class passes:

– There are no refunds for any dance class passes or dance course packages;

– dance class passes can be prolonged for free only if you missed dance classes due to illness or vacation/business trip, and only if you inform us in advance (before your vacation/business trip, or on or prior to the day of your first missed dance class due to illness);

Bachata dance classes in Adelaide

$15 per dance lesson

Latino mix dance classes in Adelaide

$10  per dance lesson

Private lessons at our dance studio in Adelaide

1 hour class (one person) – $70

1 hour class (two people) – $90

1 hour class for STUDENTS of our studio (one person) – $60 (only if you are currently attending dance classes of the studio).

1 hour class for STUDENTS of our studio (two people) – $80. It will be acceptable if only one of the attendance is a current student of the dance studio.

To book a private class at our dance studio in Adelaide please contact Irina:

e-mail:    m. 0478 499 879

Wedding dance classes in Adelaide

1 class                                                                   $69


Wedding dance package:

9 classes                                                             $490 (save $131)

Dance classes Gift certificates

Our dance class gift certificates can include:

– 1 group dance lesson;

– 4 class pass;

– 8 class pass;


– any number of private dance lessons.

Gift Certificates are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.

To  order a Gift Certificate please contact Irina:    m. 0478 499 879

Gift S

Dance Workshop at your party in Adelaide

You can hire a dance teacher in our dance studio to run Latino mix, Bachata or Brazilian Zouk dance workshops either at your next party or at our studio. Moves are easy, music is great, and it will be lots of fun for your guests.

To hire a dance teacher please contact Irina:

e-mail:    m. 0478 499 879